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A Variety of Liquidation Services

Estate Clean-Out or Buyout Service

At Common Cents Resale, we recognize the emotional significance of possessions during estate clean-outs. We understand the challenges of managing spaces filled with cherished memories and valuable items.

With over a decade of experience, our team sensibly navigates overloaded estates or packed spaces. Our Estate Clean-Out or Buyout service is designed to alleviate the burden, respecting your belongings and their sentimental value.

We carefully assess valuable items among the possessions, ensuring a fair and respectful process. Whether you seek fair compensation or stress-free removal, our flexible solutions prioritize your comfort and peace of mind.

"We're dedicated to providing a personalized, seamless solution, ensuring your peace of mind throughout the estate transition."

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Complete Clean-Out

We offer comprehensive estate services tailored to your needs. Whether it's estate clean-outs, buyouts, or a mix of services, we guide you through the best options. We efficiently handle disposal, considering time and manpower, ensuring fair charges. Let us simplify the process and find the perfect solution for you.

Complete Buyout

We seek top-quality merchandise and purchase entire estates, storage units, sheds, Pods, and full garages. Our Estate Buyout option offers a swift and hassle-free way to liquidate an estate, saving valuable time. It's often the easiest and fastest solution, especially in areas where holding an estate sale might not be feasible.

Free Consultation

We offer expert guidance for all your removal needs. Whether it's entire estates, general merchandise, antiques, or more, count on our knowledgeable team for top-tier liquidation advice.


Proud to support Hospice of Dubuque with a percentage of our sales.